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 The WELS Mobile application, formerly called WELS Online, has been updated and re-launched. WELS Mobile brings together much of the written, audio, and video content available on the synod’s Web site, www.wels.net, and reformats it to be usable on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. Two new features include the ability to search for WELS and ELS churches along with driving directions and to share content via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

This newest version recognizes the growing trend in mobile applications to provide a version that performs just like a device specific app like those in the iTunes or Google Play stores, but in a browser. By simply opening up the browser and visiting m.wels.net (“m” stands for “mobile”), you will load WELS Mobile, which will look and behave almost exactly like the stand-alone apps you install.

This approach has its benefits, namely up-to-the-minute updates, more flexible navigation, and a consistent experience across device operating systems and screen sizes. So the app via the device’s mobile browser should look and behave exactly the same on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phones and tablets, Kindle Fires, and Nooks.

As some still prefer installable mobile apps, two versions have been created (iOS and Android). For the most part they will behave the same as the Web application. Just search for “WELS Mobile” in either the iTunes or Google Play stores.

Find out more about WELS Mobile.

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