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Worship in Summer

9:30am each Sunday

King of Kings Lutheran is located one mile west of Northway exit 8 on Crescent Road in Clifton Park.

Join us for Art Camp at King of Kings!
August 14-17

Open to kids entering kindergarten through Grade 7
  • Three 30 minute art sessions each day. 
  • Children will create using paint, dye, stamping materials, plaster, fabric, sculpture. 
  • Daily Bible lessons celebrating God’s gifts of creative arts.  Also recreation break & snacks.
  • Gallery and refreshments open to family & friends on Thursday, August 17 from 12:00-1:30pm. 
Registration fee is $40 for the first child and $20 for each additional child from the same family. 
Camp is open to a maximum of 50 children. 
Register at Eventbrite.com for Art Camp at King of Kings
Please send your child with a smock and in clothes suitable for painting, dyeing, and working with plaster. 

Camp Director Meg Kluball earned an Associates Degree in Fine Arts from Hudson Valley Community College.  She is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.  Assistant Director Kevin Mosca is entering his final year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the Maine College of Art.

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The mission of King of Kings Evangelical Lutheran Church,
in accordance with the inspired and inerrant Word of God,
is to glorify the Lord God through
worship, teaching, fellowship, and sharing the message of salvation
with its members, the community, and the world.  [Mt 28:18-20]

What to Expect at King of Kings

When you visit King of Kings you receive a worship folder that provides notes to help you follow the worship service.  The order of service for special services (like Christmas, Easter, etc.) is printed out entirely in the folder.  On most Sundays we follow an order of service in the hymn book.  The notes in the worship folder help guide you through the service.

You are welcome to participate in worship, or to just follow along silently if you choose.  
You will not be called out or put on the spot in any way.  
At worship we want you to meet with God in a way that works for you.

At King of Kings children are welcome in worship.  We encourage their presence.  During our 9:30am Sunday service each week there is staffed childcare available for young children.  Some parents have young children spend the hour there.  Others take their children to the nursery during the sermon so parents can focus on the message and children have a break in the middle part of the service.  Still others keep young children in the service for the entire hour.  Learning to be in worship and to appreciate this special time with God can be a process.

Come as you are.  There is no dress code.  Some people come wearing suits and dresses.  Others wear casual clothes.  You will not stand out if you dress as you normally do.
With that in mind a couple of tips may be helpful.  Because we are entering into the presence of God in a special way in worship, it is good to dress modestly.  Because children often behave similar to the way they are dressed, you may find they sense this is a special time with God if they are dressed in a set of their better clothes rather than if they are dressed in athletic gear or sweats.

Expect to meet other people who are seeking relationship with God.  You may have heard the saying, “Christians aren’t perfect.  Just forgiven.”  That is so true.  We come each week to confess our sins, to hear God’s forgiveness, to find strength in his Word, and to be encouraged through this time of worship with others who seek God.  Following each Sunday Service we have a few minutes of refreshments time when we enjoy connecting with other worshipers.

For more information call:  518-371-9544.  If nobody answers, please leave a phone number and message.  We call back.



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